Planning a landscaping makeover? Here’s what you should consider first

Landscape Design Tips You Need to Know to Get Started

If 2020 taught us anything then it must be the fact that having a beautiful outdoor space is most vital in keeping us healthy, both physically and mentally. While you might be slightly annoyed about the fact that any kind of far-flung holiday seems like a distant dream, we suggest to focus on the positive side. With the extra money and time saved on travelling, it might be the right time to start planning how to improve the only holiday destination we might get to travel to over the next year: our own gardens. This year, we have been busier than ever helping our customers to transform their gardens into the ultimate places to relax and wind down. That’s why we think it’s a good idea to give you some food for thought before you set off on your own journey to a better outdoor living.


The initial transformation is one thing, but the regular upkeep of your garden might be even more important. The most intricate gardens with demanding plants are also the ones which may fade out very quickly if not properly cared for. There are various factors which come into play such as the amount of time or money that you want to dedicate to regular maintenance, your own gardening skills, or the equipment you have at your disposal. We recommend thinking about such issues beforehand as this will surely come up during the initial consultation concerning any landscaping makeover. We have plenty of experience creating both high maintenance gardens with ornate shrubs and meticulous lawns, but also simple and care-free outdoor spaces which you can enjoy without worrying about constantly keeping up with maintenance tasks. Another alternative is of course outsourcing the maintenance schedule and letting us take care of it all. Nevertheless, this is something you should think about right at the beginning.

Characteristics of Your Property

Every single property has its own character and unique features. The garden should ideally complement such features and let them stand out. While with newly built houses there are usually no limits to what you can do with the surrounding space as it can often be an untouched piece of land, when it comes to older properties such as countryside cottages, each and every garden update should be carefully thought through so as to correspond with the existing character features. Furthermore, older and mature gardens already have some features which define the space such as grown-up trees. If the trees are healthy, we are always keen to redesign the space while retaining them as they can help us achieve the unique feel of a long-established garden, even though it just went through a major makeover. The character of the plot and property should also guide the choice of materials used. Thinking about what to retain from the existing space is crucial and it will help us better plan the whole project.

Future Uses of Your Garden

Undertaking a complete makeover of a garden is a demanding project and you should think about the needs of your family not just right now, but well into the future. This encompasses the changing needs of you and your children, safety, but also possible accommodation of elderly people who might occupy the property in near future. While a playground might be only in use for a few years before your children grow up, investing into a tennis court, hot tub or a swimming pool is sure to be worthwhile in the years to come. When the time comes to sell your house, such features are certainly considered as vital additions. They will attract more buyers and increase the value of your property considerably. Let us get to know you and your family needs and we will help you design the ideal garden which will well correspond with the changing needs of all its users.

Style and Feel of the Garden

Generally speaking, there are two basic types of gardens: formal and informal. A formal garden can correspond well with grand countryside residences where one of the main goals is to create a good impression on your guests. If you prefer a space where you can relax, the informal garden is the way to go. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you cannot combine features from both types. Formal and informal parts of your outdoor space can be effectively divided by hedges, walls, or other separating features.

Planning Permission

Garden makeover can sometimes include new structures and even additional buildings. Even building a wall taller than 1m might require planning permission if the wall is to be next to a public road. It is likely you will run into the issues of planning permissions especially if your property is listed or if it is in the conservation area. We strongly recommend consulting your local council before the works begin. This can save you many troubles in the long run.

When Should You Start Planning?

As the saying goes “the earlier the better”. There is a lot to consider and the works can also take some time. While people tend to start making plans for their garden redesigns in spring, it is a good idea to already have some ground covered before that. When it comes to major landscaping projects, the winters in the UK might be the ideal time to carry out the hard landscaping jobs, terrain adjustments, and other more demanding tasks. Spring can then be used for planting and detailing. Following this schedule will ensure that you can start enjoying your garden as soon as the sun starts to come out again and the temperatures go up.