What does a gardener do in winter?

How to care for your garden in winter

Finally, it is time for the work that’s been neglected all year. If you think we’re just hiding indoors and waiting for the nature to wake up, you’re in for a disappointment. In winter, nature is regaining its strengths for the spring, but we don’t have such luxury. In fact, there are fewer things to do for a serious gardener, but it doesn’t mean the garden should be abandoned completely.

Getting ready for next gardening season

Every gardener can be proactive and do useful things not only in the garden, but also in his tool shed. While garden design plans are made in the warm living room, the garden shed must be equipped with tools with which to carry out the plans.

Just remember how frustrating it can be when you pull out the tools and machinery in the spring, but they don’t work. How important the secateurs, lawnmower or spade are and how bad it is when they are missing or are damaged, or when the garden tap breaks because it hasn’t been turned off and protected from frost. With a little care, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and extra expense. If you want to avoid this, you should definitely take the time to do this before the first frost.

Loosening the soil and digging in the winter? This work should be done in late autumn but, for example, mild December also offers the ideal opportunity. This winter work is absolutely essential for the planned spring planting. Loose soil is important for many plants. In winter, heavy rains and the weight of snow will compact the soil if it is not dug out beforehand. So, if you want to plant in spring, it will be quite difficult.

For flowers and shrubs, it is key that they are placed in the right soil. That way they do not have to expend too much energy developing roots in solid soil. Why is it worth doing all this in winter? That is a good question! Soil clods break down during winter frosts and create really good soil composition. The cold can also penetrate deep into the soil and kill pests. In spring, the soil is then ready for new plants.

Plan the garden!

If every year you find that spring is over and you haven’t had time to plan what to plant on your property, now is the best time to do it. Take a walk around the garden, take a tape measure and plan out new flower beds, think about where you want to plant a fruit tree, or imagine a hedge around the property.

Of course, it’s important to consider the needs of each plant and choose a site accordingly. For many plants it is important to find a sheltered spot, while others prefer shade or plenty of sun.

Flowering time is also crucial in this context. For example, you can dream of tulips under a deciduous tree because when these flowers poke their heads out of the ground in spring, the tree casts no shade on them. This way you can ensure that there is always something beautiful and colourful in your garden, no matter what month or season it is.

Do you have to wait for the winter to be over?

Many people think they must wait several months after autumn is over before they can plant flowers and shrubs again. This is not true. You can get started in the garden as long as the temperatures are not below freezing, and the ground is not frozen. Yes, even in December or January. This is because in the winter, in frost-free weeks, you can plant potted plants without roots. The planting season for rootless trees and shrubs starts on 20th October and ends on 20th March. This means that you can plant at any time during this period when the ground is not frozen.

It should be noted that these young ‘garden dwellers’ should be handled with care as their roots can be easily damaged. Seedlings should be planted immediately after purchase. If this is not possible, they can be stored for a few days by covering the roots with soil or compost (wrap the plants).

Potted plants can be planted all year round unless there are extreme temperatures (heat or frost). As the roots are protected by the soil and container, they can easily cope with being moved into the garden. Regardless of the season. So if you want to plant a tree in your garden, dream of a hedge or a rose garden, it’s time to pick up a spade.

If you need some help taking care of your garden in winter or if you are thinking about upgrading your green space, contact us! We will be happy to help you!

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